This page lists the items which are available for borrowing. Until the website software is ready, we will be tracking items manually; the owner/guardian of an item will be responsible for knowing where their items are. To borrow an item, look up the name of the person responsible for it below, then contact them via the details listed on the members page (password-protected). The item may not be available immediately, accessing it will need to be negotiated with the owner/guardian.

If you have items you would like to add to the catalogue, come along to a community get-together on a Tuesday evening.

Item nameOwnerConditions
Rikter electric guitar (Fender Stratocaster clone)Robin
Digital multimeterRobin
General purpose library pasteRobin
Hair clippersAndrewSterilise with meths/pure alcohol after use
Soldering ironRobin
Smoke machineEd
LPG tankEd
Poker set, including chipsEd
Soda streamEd
Room fan 1Ed
Room fan 2Ed
The Saboteur (PS3 game)Ed
Grand Theft Auto 4 (PS3 game)Ed
Saints Row 2 (PS3 game)Ed
Watts Clever (EW-AUS5001) (electricity usage meter)Ed
Tyre/airbed pump, hand-operatedRobin
Generic USB scannerRobin
M-Audio MK249c Midi controller keyboardRobin
Bolt cutters, to cut max. 4mm diameter boltEd
Imperial micrometerRobin