The Library is governed by a set of rules, which are decided at weekly community get-togethers. Everyone is welcome to join in and to make suggestions for rule changes and additions.

Auckland Library Of Things is firstly a social and community group. Thus, the first rules concern behaviour of members to others:
* All members are equal in status;
* Any discrimination, or verbal or physical abuse of others is not acceptable.

There are also rules relating to items for loan:
* Each item has an owner, the borrowing of the item is subject to any conditions they impose, such as care, maintenance and cleaning. The conditions may only be for the purposes of reasonable care and maintenance of the item. Anyone may challenge any conditions at any time, the community will decide whether the conditions are acceptable or not, at a Tuesday community get-together;
* The owner is responsible for keeping track of the location of their items;
* If someone wishes to donate an item to the Library, to do so a member must accept it, take responsibility for it and track its location as if they were the owner. They may also impose conditions on the loan of an item;
* Any conditions imposed by an owner/carer on a borrower must be notified to the borrower before the item is borrowed;
* Any information on the website or gained through any other activity related to the Library, such as the personal details of owners and carers must only be used to facilitate the loaning of items, and other activities directly related to that purpose;
* The items loaned through the Library are not to be used for commercial or for-profit purposes;
* The Library is not to be used to promote commercial or for-profit ventures.