Auckland Library Of Tools: Everyone a patron, everyone a librarian

Auckland Library Of Tools is a community-run library which provides a platform for members to loan items between themselves. Anyone in Auckland can join, and start borrowing items. Any tools can be included in the Library. For a full list of the tools currently available for borrowing, see the catalogue.

The Library is purposefully decentralised, we discourage any hierarchy. It is run in strictly democratic fashion, we relate to each other as equals. For conditions on using the Library, visit the rules page, or come along to a community meet.

To get involved with the Library, see the joining the library page.

Once you have joined the Library, you will receive a password which will allow you to see the contact details of items which are for loan. You may then contact the owner of a tool, request to borrow it and organise the transfer. The owner will inform you of any conditions such as loan period, and any requirements such as maintenance and cleaning.